Whether your puppy or kitten is young or old, in the process of potty training or forgetting its house training due to old age or health problems, when they have an accident on your carpet, rug, or couch, the smell that is left behind can be extremely malodorous. That’s because pet urine is a combination of hormones, bacteria, uric acid, and ammonia. The high levels of acidity in pet pee are enough to cause permanent and irreversible color damage to your fabrics.

What Doesn’t Work?

 Pet stains can be challenging to remove, even when they’re fresh. Hand scrubbing alone won’t eliminate the odors and stains. In fact, scrubbing can even push the urine farther down into the fibers! Many over-the-counter products marketed for pet pee removal don’t have the actual active ingredients needed to effectively remove the stain and odor. And sadly, not all cleaning companies are equipped to deal with offensive odors in your home.

So, what to do? Pets may be part of our families, but it doesn’t mean you should have to live with all the unpleasant odors that accompany them.

That’s where Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning comes in!

Traditional methods just don’t work like our state-of-the-art, hypoallergenic pet odor solution. It effectively rids your carpets, rugs, and furniture of pet musk, stains, and ammonia-scented urine without exposing you to harmful toxins and chemicals. It is 100% safe for use around your fur babies. Our highly touted process is one of the best at eliminating all stubborn pet problems.

How It Works

 Our hypoallergenic pet odor solution eliminates the odor by attacking the urine at the molecular level. Once it pulls the stain from deep within the fibers, the stain is oxidized into a gas that dissipates in as little as 7 days, eliminating all foul odors in its entirety. The best part is that this is done without the need for masking. Safe-Dry never masks odors with a sweet-smelling deodorizer. Instead, we specialize in removing all traces of a pet’s scent from the spot, preventing your pet from returning to the “accident zone.”

Pet Stain Removal

 Not only does our organic pet solution eliminate odors, but it also extricates hard-to-remove stains using enzymes to target the problem at the source, breaking down the protein and bacteria in the urine to leave your fabrics spotless.

If your fur baby has had an accident, don’t throw your favorite rug or couch out! Instead, call the professionals at Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning of Arlington. Our certified technicians have the skills, knowledge, and tools to effectively rid your home of pet musk, urine stains, and odors. Schedule your next appointment and take advantage of our $25 Off Pet Odor Removal and $25 Off Pet Stain Removal coupons! Let Safe-Dry safely treat your fabrics. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.