a wine glass spilled on a carpet that needs stain removal servicesCarpets, rugs, and upholstery in homes can easily pick up odors from their environment. Smoke and water damage are some of the worst offenders for leaving lingering odors in the home. Grease, dirt, food, and other debris can also emit odors that cling to carpeting, rugs, and upholstered furniture. At Safe-Dry®, we offer safe and effective odor removal services designed to eliminate these odors from your home so that you can breathe easily once again.

Not all cleaning companies are equipped to deal with offensive odors in the home. That is why it is so important to always stick with a company that is able to provide you with a 100% guarantee on odor elimination. Our reliable cleaning process is safe for your family and pets, as we do not use harsh chemicals in favor of non-toxic and eco-friendly solutions, instead.

Pet Stains and Pet Odor Removal

If you own a pet, you likely have experience with pet odors in your carpets, rugs, or upholstery. And while your pet may be part of the family, this does not mean you need to live with the unpleasant odors that accompany them. At Safe-Dry®, we offer professional odor removal services for all of your home’s textiles, helping our customers remove stubborn pet odors from their carpeting, oriental rugs, upholstered furniture, and more.

a dog that urinated on a carpet so the homeowners need carpet odor removal servicesPet stains can be challenging to remove, even when fresh. When pet messes are allowed to dry, they can become even more difficult to remove without causing damage to delicate carpet fibers. Our carpet cleaning technicians have vast experience cleaning all types of carpets and have the skills needed to remove both new and old pet stains. Our process gets deep down into the carpet and padding to reach the odor-causing agents found in pet urine. In addition, our solution breaks down the bacteria and protein in the urine to eliminate the source of the odor entirely.

Contact The Odor & Stain Removal Professionals

At Safe-Dry®, we use a textile-safe carbonated solution to clean carpets, rugs, and upholstery. This solution requires approximately one hour* of dry time, allowing you to return to your daily life as quickly as possible. With our safe and proven carpet cleaning solutions, there is never a risk of mold or mildew growth as our carpets stay wet for just hours, not days.

We understand that life happens and you cannot always prevent odors and stains from penetrating your carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Fortunately, you can eliminate them quickly with the help of our experienced carpet cleaning technicians. To learn more about our odor and stain removal services or to schedule an appointment with a member of our team, contact the professionals at Safe-Dry® today!

*When we introduce our pet odor solutions, the dry time may be extended for one to two hours, depending on the severity of the odors and stains.