Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning is an all-natural carpet cleaning company that specializes in, and is committed to, providing carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning solutions without the use of harsh chemicals. Our mission is to provide cleaning methods that are safe, hypoallergenic and soap-free, and that most importantly, we can be proud of. With a 100% satisfaction guaranteed, our uniformed technicians are fully trained to exceed your expectations with every cleaning and will go above and beyond to ensure your carpets are clean, dry and residue-free.
Client being shown safedry method for cleaning carpets

Our Patented Cleaning Process

Born out of the idea that professional carpet cleaning should be safe for our your family, pets and home, the team at Safe-Dry® worked tirelessly to develop the a better, safer carpet cleaning solution. After years of research and development, our team developed the original Safe-Dry® carpet cleaning method, a low-moisture approach that uses 1/10th the amount of water used in traditional steam cleaning methods and that dries twice as fast!

Fast forward to today, and safe-Dry now uses safe, organic and green cleaning solutions for all of our upholstery and carpet cleaning services. With our carbonation-based cleaning solutions, we are capable of cleaning your carpets in as little as one one hour, while leaving them completely residue and moisture-free. This process eliminates any risk of mold or mildew growth, while completely removing stains, dirt and grime from your carpets. And because it’s soap-free and allergen-free it is completely safe for you and your family’s health.



Safe-Dry’s process is more reliable because we use only all-natural, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly solutions. Without the use of harsh chemicals, Safe-Dry® is the choice for most homes and businesses.



Since Safe-Dry® uses no soaps or detergents, carpets, rugs, & upholstery stay cleaner longer! We use cleaning agents that effectively remove your dirt and stains, without leaving a dirt-attracting residue behind!



With less than an hour dry time, Safe-Dry® is the convenient choice. With such a quick dry time, there is no risk of mold and mildew creating in your padding or subfloor.

Our Mission

With our over 30 years of experience in the carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning business, there is very little we have not encountered. From updates to products, upholstery, and even advertising, nothing has remained constant, with one exception. From the start, Safe-Dry® has been constantly committed to our customer’s satisfaction, going to enormous lengths in technology, production integrity, and training to always exceed their expectations. We strive to ensure that each one of our customers is ecstatic about the cleaning services we provide to them, and will stop at nothing if we ever fall short.

If you cannot recommend us to your friends and family, we did something wrong! Unsatisfied with our service? Let us know and you can be rest assured that we will make it right!