Columbia is a small town located in Middle Tennessee, boasting an excellent quality of life and an unmatched charm. Residents of the Mule Capital of the World are proud of the old-fashioned town’s history, outdoor attractions, natural beauty, historic sites, and just its general pleasantness. Visitors to Columbia often remark on the friendliness of the townspeople, and at Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning, we couldn’t agree more.

We are proud to serve the friendly town of Columbia, providing only the highest-quality clean to its residents. Our certified technicians are knowledgeable and use only the best and safest products to get your carpets, rugs, and upholstery looking like new. Not only are our technicians professionals, but they’re also friendly too, and hold a strong belief in forging connections beyond the standard client relationship.

Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Columbia, TN


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Teresa Roy

Teresa Roy

Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Columbia, TN

Safe-Dry is a family-owned company and that’s how we like to treat our Columbia customers: like family. We use only all-natural, hypoallergenic cleaning solutions to effectively deep clean and restore your fabrics. Our company will never expose you and your family to harsh chemicals and toxins that could not only damage your carpets or rugs but can also be harmful to your health.

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Address: 2624 Leah Dr #12, Columbia, TN 38401

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Carpet Cleaning Services in Columbia, TN

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Our low-moisture dry cleaning process is guaranteed to clean and freshen your carpets without saturating the fabrics in water, reattracting dirt and bacteria or causing mold and mildew growth. Our innovative method will have your carpets cleaner and softer with just a one-hour dry time!

Rug Cleaning

Safe-Dry technicians are specifically trained to care for almost all types of rugs. We use only the safest and proven methods to meticulously clean and beautifully restore your rugs no matter the fabric, color, or stain severity.

Upholstery Cleaning

The number one concern for residents wanting their couches cleaned is if it’ll be damaged during the cleaning process. At Safe-Dry, we guarantee that’s a resounding “no.” Our method is gentle on delicate fibers, yet still effectively deep cleans your furniture while prolonging its longevity and improving its aesthetics!

Allergen Treatment

Up to 50% of Columbia homes carry up to six types of allergens lurking in your carpets, rugs, and upholstery, causing symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose or fever. With our all-natural carbonated solution, get immediate relief from symptoms and reduce allergens by up to 98%.

Pet Odor Removal

Don’t continue to struggle with pet pee removal products that do nothing to remove the accidents caused by your furry friends. Our pet odor treatment uses enzymes to eliminate the stains at the source and dissipate the odor from your fabrics. Even better, it’s 100% safe for use around you and your pets.


Why Choose Us?

Safe-Dry’s safe and cutting-edge cleaning processes have been recognized by esteemed eco-certified groups for our commitment to green sustainability, and even the Better Business Bureau has given our company an outstanding rating. Our excellent service has left our Columbia residents totally satisfied. Why? Because we treat our customers like family. Not only are our methods safe for you and your loved ones, but the service we provide those in need of cleaning are top-tier and unmatched. Our certified technicians have over thirty years of experience, knowledge, skills, and tools to provide only the best service possible. There isn’t another cleaning company that can compete with the sheer number of satisfied customers that we have, and we have hundreds of Google reviews to prove it!

If you’re a Columbia resident ready to receive the best cleaning service in all of Tennessee with some of the friendliest and most professional technicians, then schedule your next appointment online or call our local office. We’ll send someone to your home exactly when you need them, on time and ready to clean if you’re satisfied with our free estimate. Let us take care of your cleaning needs. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

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