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Reestablish your home’s air quality, feel, general feel by getting your carpet and upholstery cleaned with our proficient cleaning administrations! Your Kernersville Safe-Dry® group gives you the best experience!

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Danny Watson

Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Kernersville, NC

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Carpet Cleaning Services in Kernersville, NC

All-Natural Carpet Cleaning

Utilizing less dampness than steam cleaners, the all-natural Safe Dry strategy is excellent for deep carpet cleaning. It’s more efficient than steam cleaning, utilizing less water without compromising on the ultimate result. Hot carbonating extraction produces tiny bubbles which rise from deep inside the carpet successfully expelling grimy, undesirable substances from the carpet. Poor steaming administrations that don’t appropriately extricate water leads to chance of the buildup of mildew, but with our field experts there’s no chance. Our water extraction methods combined with low dampness cleaning strategies means dry carpet in as little as an hour after our crew has withdrawn.

Meticulous Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Services

Cleaning and refurbishing silk, fleece, and all other sorts of oriental carpets requires an expert’s touch. Our Safe Dry area in Kernersville NC includes a group prepared to take care of your one-of-a-kind rug, cleaning it with the extraordinary care and caution it merits. To begin, we completely assess your mat to find sensitive zones. Based on factors like age, condition, colors, strands, and development, our professionals will prompt you on how best to continue to guarantee nothing is compromised. Not taken care of, your rug accumulates pounds of dirt and dust that can imperceptibly gather and act as a rough component, wearing down your special rug.

Quick and Easy Upholstery Cleaning Services

In addition to carpet care, Safe Dry offers upholstery cleaning. In the event that your upholstery goes uncleaned for a long time, the amassing of dirt and general untidiness can cause furniture to seem dirty and stained. Pieces of skin, pet dander, and unclean buildups on the delicate surfaces can gradually leech back into the air, inconveniencing sensitive individuals. Vacuuming cannot compare to a professional’s results, so get a free quote by calling Safe Dry today!


Allergies or Asthma Treatment

At Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning at Kernersville NC, we are committed to further developing the indoor air quality and our sensitivity treatment administration does exactly that. Utilizing natural, eco-accommodating, color-free arrangements and scents, we eliminate dust, dust, pet dander, contaminations, and so forth from your home securely. Rooms cleaned utilizing the Safe-Dry® Anti-Allergen System get results inside the initial three days, frequently that very evening!

Pet Urine Odor Removal Services

When pets have mishaps it tends to be hard to eliminate the scent totally. You need it gone and we can get it done. Rug and upholstery are our forte, so let us eliminate the stains, smells and bacteria. Our amazing gear and qualified experts perform hot carbonating extraction to reestablish your rugs. To learn more click here.

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