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Is it time to clean your carpet A professional cleaning every year can have a dramatic impact in the lifetime of your carpet and the air quality of your home Explore our services to see why your local Safe-Dry team leads the way in safe and dry cleaning services Take on annoying allergens, uncomfortable odors and lackluster carpet with our powerful, effective cleaning services The whole team at Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning Greensboro NC is here to help!

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Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Greensboro, NC

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Carpet Cleaning Services in Greensboro, NC

All-Natural Carpet Cleaning

The Safe Dry dry cleaning process uses an all-natural solution and very little moisture, which is one of the best methods there is for deep carpet cleaning. This method is based on hot carbonating extraction that produces microscopic bubbles. The bubbles penetrate deep into the carpet fibers to loosen and remove hidden debris, dirt, and dust. An added benefit to this carpet cleaning Greensboro NC method is the thorough cleaning it does with less water than steam cleaning, meaning there is no chance of mold or mildew to grow from water not being properly extracted. When we finish, your carpet is far dryer than it would be with steam cleaning and completely dry in just one hour, allowing you to return to your normal activities quickly after our return.

Meticulous Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Services

The process of cleaning and restoring fine oriental and area rugs requires a level of expertise not known to many people. At Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning Greensboro NC, we understand that each rug is unique and that is why we take extreme care and caution when cleaning your rug. We always begin our process by inspecting your rug to ensure the delicate dyes and weaves aren’t compromised. Our technicians will be able to inform you of the best and safest cleaning technique for your rug, based on age, condition, dyes, fiber, and construction. Cleaning area and Oriental rugs is not something that should be neglected. Rugs can hide pounds of dust before they even begin to look dirty. This dust acts as an abrasive to the fibers of the rug and with time, will cause the rug to deteriorate.

Quick and Easy Upholstery Cleaning Services

We don’t only offer carpet cleaning. Dirt аnd dust can соllесt оn the fabric оf уоur uрhоlѕtеrу. In аddіtіоn tо mаkіng уоur furniture lооk dingy, these саn саuѕе stains and permanent damage if not cleaned on a regular basis. While vacuuming can help, it’s not enough to truly rid your upholstery of these unwanted allergens. Experts recommend cleaning upholstery every 12-18 months. The surface of upholstery is used by your family and pets. Pets and people are responsible for shedding, skin flakes, dander and bacteria. These particles become embedded in your soft surfaces and can continually release unhealthy substances into the air. If you or your family members have allergies or asthma, having your upholstery professionally cleaned is very important. When you’re ready for a professional, give Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning a call. We will come to your home at a scheduled time, assess the nature of the job, and offer a free quote for services.

Allergies or Asthma Treatment

Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning Greensboro NC is dedicated to improving the indoor air quality that is so important to your health and safety. How do we do this? Our allergy treatment service uses all-natural, eco-friendly solutions free of dyes and perfumes – specifically designed to remove dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander and other allergens and pollutants from your home. When a room has been completely cleaned and treated using the Safe-Dry® Anti-Allergen System, results are often seen within the first three days, and often during the first night! Imagine getting a good night’s sleep—tonight!

Pet Urine Odor Removal Services

For many families, pets are a vital part of their family. While pets can and do provide a variety of benefits within households, their “accidents” can also create challenges. Pet urine on carpet, rugs, or upholstery can do much more than cause unpleasant odor. The revolutionary pet odor removal process is unparalleled in the industry. Our solution is specifically formulated to breakdown molecules found deep in the carpet that cause the source of the odors. Our highly trained service technicians use the power of Hot Carbonating Extraction for a deep and healthy clean. You can trust our powerful equipment and proprietary cleaning solutions to offer the cleanest clean, the driest dry, and the safest process available! Learn more here.

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Schedule a service today to have a local team sent to your home for same-day services. Enjoy 100% satisfaction guarantee and industry-leading hypoallergenic cleaning products. Fall back in love with your home thanks to thorough carpet cleaning and removed allergens. The team at Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning Greensboro NC is ready to serve you!