Our beloved pets, no matter what stage of life they’re in, will have an accident at one point or another. Mainly on our carpets and rugs. And stains from pets can be challenging to remove, even when they’re fresh, without damaging delicate fibers. What’s worse is that due to the high levels of acidity found in their urine, pet pee can cause permanent color damage. Pet urine can consist of a combination of hormones, uric acid, bacteria, and ammonia. That’s what causes the malodorous smell that can linger for days or months if not taken care of promptly!

Hand scrubbing alone won’t remove pet stains and odors. In fact, scrubbing can push urine farther down into the fibers! Also, many over-the-counter pet pee removal products don’t contain the active ingredients needed to treat the urine problem. They often just make the situation worse, leaving you with not much choice but to throw out your favorite furnishings.

But before you do that, you should know that Safe-Dry of Brentwood is fully equipped to deal with offensive odors in your home or business, and we even offer a 100% guarantee on odor and stain elimination!

Our innovative cleaning solutions are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and are gentle and safe enough for use around you, your family, and won’t make your fur baby sick. It also won’t damage your fabric’s color or textures.

How Our Process Works

 Our hypoallergenic solution attacks the urine at the molecular level, pulling the stain from deep within the carpet, rug, or upholstery fibers. It then oxidizes the stain into a gas that dissipates in as little as 7 days, completely eliminating the odor without using a sweet-smelling deodorizer to mask it. At Safe-Dry, we don’t believe in masking odors. Instead, we target the problem at the source.

Pet Stain Removal

 Our solution is also great for extricating stubborn, discolored spots and stains using enzymes that break down the protein and bacteria in the urine directly at the source.

We may love our furry friends and consider them part of the family, but that doesn’t mean we have to live with the unpleasant musk and odors that accompany them. Safe-Dry is Brentwood’s premier cleaning company because our certified technicians have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to remove both new and old pet stains, preventing irreversible damage to your delicate fabrics, and ensuring there will be no repeated trips to the “accident zone.”

If your pet had an accident on your rug or upholstery, don’t throw it out! Schedule your next appointment with Safe-Dry and receive efficient, quick, same-day service from one of our absolute best! Be sure to ask about our $25 Off Pet Odor Removal and $25 Off Pet Stain Removal coupons! Remember, your satisfaction is our guarantee.