Experts recommend having your sofas and upholstered chairs cleaned every 12-24 months, but most people don’t follow that advice. Why? Because most people don’t think their furniture is dirty, just because it doesn’t look dirty.

For many households, our sofas are our sanctuaries. Who doesn’t love to come home after a long day at work and relax on their sofa? Not only that, but we often eat on our couches, sleep on them, and allow our pets to rest and play on them, too. Though it may not be visible, your fabrics could have a buildup of dust mites, oils, hair, dirt, spills, and even mold beneath the surface. If these problems aren’t taken care of, this could cause premature aging of your sofa, and can even aggravate respiratory issues.


That’s where we come in! The experts here at Safe-Dry of Cypress can clean even the most problematic of fabrics using our eco-friendly, non-hazardous solutions. The best part? An effective and safe deep-clean of your furniture without any harmful exposure to you, your family, or pets. Even better? With our innovative dry cleaning process, your furniture is dry within one hour! Other upholstery cleaning methods just can’t compete with that!


We can’t stress enough that regular cleanings with Safe-Dry can protect the overall lifespan of your furniture so you can enjoy it for a much longer time. Regular cleaning can effectively eliminate allergens, reducing, over time, the number of lingering triggers such as hair and pet dander, dust, pollen, and any other allergens lurking in the fibers, giving allergy sufferers immediate relief. Our technicians even lift odors from your furniture, leaving it smelling fresh. 


We also treat your newly cleaned upholstery with a safety shield protectant that prolongs the life of your furniture, protecting it from wear and tear, and preventing stains from settling in. 


All this with no damage to your furniture. Our method is one of the absolute best and one of the safest for your expensive and unique pieces. 


Want same day service to get your furniture cleaned? Give your local Safe-Dry Cypress office a call or book online and use our exclusive $25 Off Upholstery Cleaning coupon we have available! Shop our Deals page for even more savings! 


At Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning, we are in the business of taking care of our Cypress customers’ cleaning needs. Let our certified technicians restore and refresh your upholstery. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.