Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning is known as one of the best, most trusted carpet cleaning companies in Nashville. How do we maintain our #1 reputation? Thirty years ago, we crafted a cutting-edge cleaning process that is free from harsh chemicals that may clean your floors but can also expose you and your loved ones to harmful toxins.

We asked ourselves, why take that risk when there’s a healthier, more effective method that’ll give you better results?

We care about our customers is the simplest answer. That’s why our method uses only safe, all-natural, and hypoallergenic solutions to deep clean your carpets. Not only is this method proven to not leave behind residue, but your carpets are up to 80% cleaner than other carpet cleaning methods, 8x drier, and will last much longer!

How Does Our Cleaning Method Work?

 Our low-moisture carbonated solution gently lifts dirt, debris, and grime from deep within the carpet fibers to the surface. One of our certified technicians will then go over your carpet with a buffer that simultaneously cleans and dries, reducing your dry time so you can get back to your usual activities without worrying about walking on wet carpet.

Unlike steam cleaners, our technicians don’t bring hoses into your home, nor will they saturate your carpets with water. All that does is reattract dirt and bacteria that can not only make you sick but can even cause mold, meaning more money spent unnecessarily on re-cleaning.

Experts recommend getting your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 months, at least, but with the Safe-Dry way you can forego this timeline because our process is built to last! We offer specialty services to help aid in keeping your carpets in their like-new condition for much longer. These include:

  • Deodorizer

Our deodorizer will not mask odors! Instead, it targets the source of the odor and oxidizes it into a gas that completely eliminates it from the fabric, leaving your carpet smelling much fresher!

  • Protectant

Safeguard your newly cleaned carpet from future spills, stains, and costly cleanings by letting our certified technician apply a coat of our safety shield protectant to your floors.

  • Sanitizer

Our antibacterial cleaning treatment consists of Microban, an EPA-approved industrial-strength sanitizer that disinfects your carpet, keeping your home safe from disease-causing germs, bacteria, fungi, and mold, including the bacteria that causes Covid-19.

At Safe-Dry, we pride ourselves on ensuring our Nashville customers are 100% satisfied with our safe and proven methods, named the best in the cleaning business. Enjoy cleaner, fresher, restored carpets with nothing short of a 5-star service or your money back. Book online or give our local office a call and take advantage of our 3 Rooms $109 Carpet Cleaning coupon. Come find out why we’re the best carpet cleaning company in Music City. Your satisfaction guaranteed!