Did You Know?

 Even if your furniture doesn’t look dirty, it could have a buildup of dust mites, skin particles and oils, pet hair and dander, dirt, spills, germs, and even mold under the surface. These irritants can get trapped deep within your furniture’s fibers, potentially exposing your family and pets to an unhealthy environment. Not only that, but not properly addressing this issue can cause premature aging of your furniture and can even trigger respiratory issues.

This is why furniture manufacturers recommend cleaning your sofas and chairs every 12-24 months.

At Safe-Dry, we are the preferred choice for upholstery cleaning in Nashville. Our state-of-the-art cleaning solution is chemical-free and hypoallergenic, proven to be safe for all types of fabrics and effective at removing dirt and stains from within your furniture’s fibers. By using only all-natural cleaning solutions, our customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing their furniture is both clean and safe for them, their families, and their pets. Our solutions penetrate deep, providing an immaculate cleaning that looks and smells amazing. Even better, with our quick-drying cleaning method, you’ll be able to go back to relaxing on your upholstered sofas and chairs in as little as one hour!

No matter how problematic the fabric or how tough the stain is, Safe-Dry guarantees to remove all stains and odors, and effectively eliminate common allergens, leaving your furniture feeling fresher and lasting much longer than other upholstery cleaning methods. We also protect your furniture from future wear and tear, and the settling in of new spills and stains by applying a protectant to your freshly cleaned sofas and chairs. This not only preserves your furniture’s aesthetics but helps to protect the overall lifespan by keeping it in a like-new condition. Ask about our other specialty services such as our deodorizer and sanitizer that can aid in making sure your furniture is not only clean and completely odor-free but protected from disease-causing germs and bacteria.

Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning provides top-tier upholstery cleaning service that is consistently ranked #1 by our customers. Schedule your appointment with us and receive a free estimate on the same day! Save money on your next appointment by applying our exclusive $25 Off Upholstery Cleaning coupon. Let our certified technicians restore and refresh your upholstery. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!