When your beloved pet has an accident, the stain and odor can be almost impossible to remove, even when they’re fresh. This is because pet urine can seep through your carpet’s padding, staining the floor beneath. Due to the high acidity levels found in your pet’s urine, their pee can cause permanent and irreversible color damage to your fabrics, as well as the residual smell causing anxiety in your pets. Hand scrubbing alone won’t remove pet stains and odors, and if it’s not taken care of properly it can create mold that can not only cause respiratory issues, but your pets can even start chewing their skin and fur excessively.

Have you tried all the over-the-counter pet pee removal products to clean after your pet with no luck?

Give Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning of Nashville a call! Our state-of-the-art pet cleaning solution is hypoallergenic and free of harsh chemicals, so it’s completely safe for use around you and your family, and, most importantly, it won’t make your fur baby sick. It’s also safe for your fabrics and won’t cause any damage to textures or colors.

How It Works

The professionals at Safe-Dry are knowledgeable in the most effective ways to rid your carpets, rugs, and upholstery of musty pet smells and ammonia-scented urine. Our pet odor solution attacks the urine crystals at the molecular level to completely eliminate all unpleasant odors. It accomplishes this feat by pulling the stain from deep within the fibers and then oxidizing it into a gas that completely dissipates in as little as 7 days. This is done without using any sweet-smelling deodorizers to mask the scent. Safe-Dry doesn’t believe in masking odors. Instead, we specialize in removing all traces of your pet’s scent, effectively preventing your furry friend from making repeated trips to the “accident zone.”

Pet Stain Removal

 Our all-natural solution isn’t just great for removing odors. It also works on stains too, removing stubborn, discolored spots with enzymes designed to attack the stain at its source, breaking down the protein and bacteria in the urine, eliminating it completely.

If your fur baby relieved itself onto your nice carpet, rug, or couch, don’t throw it out! Call the experts at Safe-Dry and let us treat your items with 5-star service. We know pets, and we know the best and safest methods to clean up behind them without damaging your delicate fabrics. Book an appointment with us and receive a free estimate on the same day! Got a pet stain that needs to be cleaned or did your pet leave behind an unpleasant odor? Save money with our $25 Off Pet Odor Removal or $25 Off Pet Stain Removal coupons. Our technicians are eager to provide you with a high-quality cleaning service. Your satisfaction guaranteed!