Carpet cleaning is often an afterthought, or something we neglect until we are about to have a large family gathering. It should not be, though. Carpet cleaning should be a regular part of your home maintenance and cleaning routine.

How Carpets Get Dirty

carpet should be cleaned after shoes go on itEvery time you walk into the house from the outside, you track in dirt. Even if you are always careful to wipe your shoes at the door, you will not remove all of the dirt. Dust settles into the carpet, too. You are probably careful to dust every other surface of your home, but remember that the carpet is gathering just as much dust as everything else.
Every time you cook, oils from the kitchen are vaporized and get in the air and then eventually get in the carpet. Pet dander gets in the carpet. Really, all of the things that make the rest of your house dirty get in the carpet, they are just harder to see there.

How Dirty Carpets Affect Your Health

Your carpet traps pollen, fungi, bacteria, chemicals, and all sorts of other pollutants that you do not want to breath in. Eventually, it gets so full of these substances that it is unable to hold anymore, and they continue floating around in the air, waiting for you to breathe them in.
A carpet can hold up to four times its weight in dirt. That includes things like dust mites, dead skin cells, insect husks, bacteria, and allergens. Because it can hold so much dirt, it is entirely possible for the carpet to be filthy even while it looks clean. This can create real problems for those with asthma or severe allergies.

Why Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner

professional using a carpet cleaner in a residential homeWe have all seen the carpet cleaners for rent at the supermarket. These may be tempting, since they are much cheaper than hiring a professional, but do not give in to the temptation. They simply will not do the job you need them to do.
Most of those rental machines will only make your carpet look cleaner. They cannot penetrate the fibers as deeply as a professional machine can, and professional machines will also sanitize the carpet while they clean. Worse, those machines may not be right for your carpet. Different types of carpet require different cleaning solutions, and using the wrong cleaning solution on your carpet can damage it or simply be ineffective at cleaning it.
A professional will know exactly what cleaning solution to use to make sure that your carpet is cleaned properly. They also know how to use the right amount of detergent and water so that your carpet does not get dirty quickly after a cleaning.

How Often To Have Your Carpets Cleaned

How often you need your carpets cleaned depends on your living situation.

Homes With Children

clean your carpet often with childrenKids are messy, there is no way around that. They spill drinks and food and they track in mud and dirt. If you have children at home, you should plan on having your carpets cleaned once per year. High-traffic areas may need to be cleaned every six months.

Homes With Pets

Pets made children seem immaculate. They track in much more mud and dirt, and are more likely to have accidents on the carpet. They also shed and can create lots of spills. If you have pets, you should have your carpets cleaned twice each year, and high traffic areas should be cleaned as often as every three months.

Homes With Children & Pets

The perfect storm. All the spills and dirt from your children combined with dirt and household accidents from the pets. Have the carpets cleaned quarterly, with high traffic areas cleaned as often as every two months.

Homes Where People Wear Shoes Inside

If you wear shoes inside, you will be tracking more dirt into the house than you would if you took your shoes off at the door. Have your carpets cleaned twice per year.

Homes With Frequent Guests

Professional-Steam-Cleaning-carpet-in-a-homeHaving guests in the house often adds more feet tracking dirt into the house than you would usually have. You should have the carpet cleaned twice per year. Of course, if you have frequent guests and both children and pets you may want to consider much more frequent cleanings.
Schedule these carpet cleanings even if your carpet looks clean. Looks can be deceiving, and if you wait until the carpet looks dirty to have it cleaned, you have waited much too long.

Schedule A Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleanings are far more effective than anything you can do on your own, and they are necessary for health and cleanliness in the home. A professional carpet cleaning company can clean and sanitize your carpet thoroughly, removing dirt, mites, and even grease stains.
If you would like more information on carpet cleaning, or you want to schedule a cleaning, contact Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning today. Our carpet cleaning experts would be happy to help you.