My name is Debra Joyce, but everyone calls me Dee. I live with my best friend Lena at Brad Court in Clarksville, TN. A couple of months ago, Lena and I decided to adopt a cat from the Tennessee Animal Rescue. While there, we found Frankie, the cutest little white and gray kitten you’ve ever seen. We brought him home and things have been great! He’s even gained some weight, and has been super spoiled the entire time!

However, Frankie is a little bit of a wild one. He has this habit of hiding, and you’ll never find him. He hid in my living room, and got locked into it when Lena and I both had left for work. He couldn’t reach his litter box, so he decided my couch would do the job. It smelled horrible! Lena and I could barely stand to be in the living room when we came home. The stain was the size of a basketball it felt like. I tried to use a simple baking soda solution, but to no avail.

Lena suggested we call Safe Dry, as her friend had previously had an “emergency” carpet situation, and they had come out the next day. So, I called Safe Dry. The woman I spoke to was very helpful, and booked me for 9AM the next morning. She assured me of the price she’d given me, based on the information she had. She told me if I was not comfortable with my technician’s quote,I could ask him to leave at no charge to myself. However, when Willie arrived the next day, comfort was not an issue!

He explained, in a very professional manner, how the price may be affected and why. When he laid it out for me, it made perfect sense. I didn’t even get priced as high as I’d originally expected! He took all the cushions off, making sure to get a full cleaning in order to reduce a chance of leftover smells or stains. He told me he was here for my convenience, and he wanted to make sure I was happy with my results!


He also told me that Frankie wouldn’t be in any danger at all, as their solution was nontoxic and safe for pets, and that he would be able to hide all over the couch within an hour after cleaning was completed. His hand buffer, coupled with the solution, pulled out all the urine stains with ease. He also added an odor removal, and sanitizer to avoid any germs that may remain behind. All in all, it took about an hour to complete the cleaning, and my couch was dry in under an hour! Frankie even approved of his newly cleaned hiding spot.

If Frankie can be satisfied, so can you!


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