Hi! My name is Natalie Russell, and I live on Bridgeton Cove in Antioch, TN, 37013. I have two cats named Marnie and Luka, and I have two husky puppies, named Sora and Bailey. As it goes, the house can be a bit chaotic. Sometimes tails get in the way, knocking things over. 

   But the biggest problem is that sometimes, the puppies don’t always make it outside. When that happens, Marnie and Luka also seem to feel the need to “mark” the spots. So over the last month, our carpet has become unrecognizable, due especially to the pet stains and odors. Baking soda and water was not doing nearly enough to help. 

   I posted in a Facebook group asking for recommendations, and was overwhelmed by the amount of people recommending Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning. Some people said that their prices were fair, the work was quick, and the technicians were skilled. It was definitely worth checking out, from what I could see. 


   I made an online booking for my next off day, which was two days later. Chandler came out and was absolutely awesome! He was thorough in explaining what he recommended to meet our needs, and explained that the extra deodorizer would help remove especially stubborn stains and odor from the carpet. 

    He measured and vacuumed, and identified major problem areas using his special UV flashlight. He assured me that the solution used would be completely safe for my pets, and offered an allergen treatment as well to help fight things like dander and pollen that may be tracked in the house by the animals. That was ideal, since my close friend was allergic to pollen, and would likely enjoy the use of the allergen treatment.

   After preparation, he set to work deep cleaning the area of one bedroom, a hallway, a living room, and a dining room. He worked quickly, but efficiently, double checking with his light to ensure he got all stains and odors removed. Upon completion, he told me if there were any stains or odors left behind, that he would come back out in the next 7 days to do another service, at no extra charge to me. 

    I won’t be needing the second service, however. It was perfect the first time! There was no odor or staining left behind, and I was absolutely satisfied with the entire process. I felt like I had all the information I’d needed and wanted, and that the customer service itself was exceptional! I could not have used a better carpet cleaning service


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