Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning of Collierville: Customer Story

My name is Annaleise Johnson. I live in Collierville, on Collierville-Arlington Road. I have 3 small children, so you can imagine how dirty things may get. A few months ago, my youngest daughter spilled her brother and sister’s drinks all over our dining room carpets, and in no small amount. There were multiple spots, one as big as a soccer ball! I was horrified, but of course I tried to clean it up. I used dawn and water, borax, and I even tried a vinegar solution, but nothing worked. Well, a couple of weeks ago, my family found our forever home, and we were ready to move from our rental home. After all the packing and preparing, that dreaded stain was left behind. I knew I couldn’t leave it like that. 

So I called Safe-Dry. At first, I was concerned about the safety of using cleaning solutions. Since this is a rental, I wanted to make sure the chemicals used wouldn’t harm anyone else’s kids or pets. Safe Dry assured me their chemicals were nontoxic and hypoallergenic, making it completely safe for any new tenants that may come after us. I also worried if they would be able to remove the stain. I booked the appointment right then.

We moved all of our furniture and boxes out before our scheduled appointment. We scheduled a couple of days out, since we wanted the house to be empty for them. They sent a technician named Cam, and he was wonderful! He measured the area of our dining room, and explained to me what he would be doing to the area and why it was needed for the stain removal. He explained it so well, I immediately felt at ease, both with his pricing and expertise. He assured me that if I was not one hundred percent satisfied, I would not have to pay for the services.



I certainly paid, because I was certainly satisfied! In an hour, Cam had removed the stain completely! I liked his work so much, I asked him if he would be willing to clean the other rooms as well. I offered to schedule a new appointment, but he offered to clean them right then! I was ecstatic, and surprised. I didn’t expect him to be able to clean all 1250 sqft that day.! He got to work immediately after discussing how the added work would affect the pricing. I added on their carpet protectant as well, to try to help future tenants avoid such a disaster! He was even nice enough to supply me with a coupon to help knock some of the price off. All of it took only about two hours, and my carpet was dry about an hour after that.

Safe Dry did such a fantastic job that I referred them to my landlord, who claims they will be using this company for all rental properties in the future! There was no overpowering chemical smell, and everything was ten times more clean than if I hadn’t called. The dry cleaning way is definitely much better than standard steam cleaning.

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