My name is Hailey Smith. I called Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning for my grandparents home off of Forrest Oaks Drive, Nashville, TN 37221. My grandma is my best friend in the whole world. She has always been by my side, supporting me and loving me through every thing life has thrown at us. 

My grandmother has a prized oriental rug in the living room; It is one of her favorite home items she’s had since her very first house. When we were all over for a family dinner last weekend, grandma accidentally tripped on one of the kids’ shoes with her plate in her hands. Grandma wasn’t hurt, but the plate landed upside down on top of her favorite rug. 

I tried to help her as best as I could. I scooped up the goop of food, and threw it out. Then I got some dawn dish detergent and a wet washcloth to see if I could scrub it out, but I am afraid it only grounded it deeper into the fibers. 

So my cousin and I took it outside to try to spray it out with the water hose, and that just seemed to spread the mess around just as much. That’s when we knew we were in over our heads. My grandma hurriedly asked that we call Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning for her. 

I called and booked the appointment for her. I also told the receptionist that I would be paying, not my grandma, but that it was a surprise. She was more than willing to help me out! She told me the technician would collect the payment, after providing me with a free estimate and performing his duties to the absolute best of his capabilities! 




When Mr. KJ Dowdy came out that afternoon, we knew we made the right move and were in good hands immediately. He showed up right on time, and was respectful and thorough! He looked at the size of the rug, and the stain that had been left behind, and provided me with a quote that sounded like exactly what I had expected. I agreed, and he got right to work. 

After he vacuumed the rest of the mess off of the rug, he got right to fixing the problem stain. He displayed knowledge by assessing which solution was best for our rug material, and assured me that the children around the house would be fine, as it is nontoxic and low moisture. That reduced the risk of grandma falling as well! 

His hand buffer and solution combo took the stain right out, and it only took him about an hour to fully clean the rug. He told us if for any reason we weren’t satisfied with the results, even if we changed our minds in a few days, that we could call him, and he would come make it right for free! We were a thousand percent satisfied, though! KJ was able to salvage the rug, and put a smile on my grandmother’s face! When my grandmother began asking questions, KJ was very patient and kind as well, remaining respectful throughout the process. 



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