Hey there! My name is Sunshine Jones. I live on General George Patterson Rd here in Nashville. I am a single mother of three kids, two daughters and a son. I am trying to figure everything out, but it can be hard some days. After my divorce, I wanted to sell my 7 year home in order to start a new life with my children. To sell your home, you want it represented in the best possible way. I couldn’t do that with my carpets and rugs full of stains and mess, especially my stairs!

I rented a carpet cleaner from Kroger nearby, and went to work trying to clean them up. No matter how many times I tried, it just wouldn’t come up! In the end, the stains were still there and my carpets were now wet and gross-feeling. As a single mom, investing in things that don’t work out is a real whammy. 

I took to Google that night, making sure I could find a reputable company to use. That’s when I ran across Safe Dry. After reading their raving reviews, I knew it was the place to call! I left them a voicemail, and they called me back the next day as soon as they opened! I was afraid they would be booked up, but they were able to squeeze me in that day! I was relieved. She told me that a technician would be out that day at 2pm, and that he would measure the area and look at the condition. If I wasn’t happy with the estimate he gave, I was free to ask him to leave, with no charge to me. That reassured me, since money can be tight these days.

When Willie arrived, I immediately felt more at ease. He was professional, and spoke clearly and easily when explaining the process to me. When I questioned why he didn’t have all the hoses I was used to seeing with other companies, he told me it is because they do not steam clean, they dry clean. It’s low moisture, so it dries faster and lasts four times longer than a regular steam clean does. 

Then, he measured my area rugs, my rooms, and my steps. He gave me a price that was slightly higher than I expected, but I understood. My cleaning attempt, frankly, had made the situation worse than when it started, and honestly, the pricing seemed fair. Willie, however, seemed to recognize that my budget was tight since the divorce. He offered to work with me on a price that would be good for us both! I didn’t feel as if I had been tricked; On the contrary, I felt I had been given relief.




I’ve never seen someone focus so much on the work they were doing, while also having quite the personality! When my kids came barreling in to see what Willie was doing, he was very good with them! He treated them with respect and explained what his job was. He never displayed any annoyance or irritation. Even with my kids’ disturbances, he completed the job within an hour and a half. He then playfully expressed to the children to avoid playing on the carpets for one hour. Would you believe, they heeded his words! I had no little footprints left behind. Additionally, I had no stains left behind, even on those dreaded steps!

He gave me tips on future stain removal, such as baking soda, and told me never to use steam cleaning again. Dry cleaning is always the best way to go. More moisture, more problems! I can’t say I disagree!

If I don’t convince you to give them a call, then I invite you to find out for yourself! I will be recommending them to all of the members of my church! Don’t wait! It’ll be the best decision you’ve made this year!



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