Hey there, my name is Laura Banks. I am a landlord in Clarksville, TN, 37040. I own a home off of Granny White Road, and I recently had tenants who broke their lease and left. When I got the news, and arrived at the home, it was absolutely horrible. There was trash everywhere! My family and I set to work cleaning up all of the trash, and it took us about three days to get everything off of the walls and floors to assess the damage. 

Our carpets looked horrible to me. There were stains everywhere, from food to animal urine. Some were as big as a basketball, some were smaller. I knew I couldn’t leave them like that. I went to the local Kroger and   rented a carpet shampooer. It removed some of the mess left behind, but it truly wasn’t that noticeable. When I went back to Kroger to return it, a woman noticed me and asked me what was wrong. I told her, and she asked why I hadn’t called Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning. She gave me their number and told me not to waste my time calling anyone else. They’re the best! 

I called and booked an appointment for the same day. Time was running out for us to put it back on the rental market, fresh and clean. Chandler came out the same day with a positive attitude and a lot of understanding and skill. We were embarrassed by the condition of the home, however he was very respectful and assured us that they handle messes of all different sizes and types!



He prepared to start, measuring the three bedrooms and living area, telling us he could also do our tile! We added the kitchen tile and bathroom tiles, resolving to do the entire home. He calculated the new price, and we happily agreed! He explained how the tile process was different from the carpet cleaning process, and how the chemicals and methods changed. 

He set to work, utilizing his time well and using great skill. He used his buffer to clean deep in the carpet fibers, and took extra care to clean in between all tiles. Our carpets looked 100% better and our tile looked brand new! There was no more stain, no more dirt and dust, it was as if I’d just bought the home! 

It only took around two hours for him to complete the whole process. The carpets were dry around an hour later, feeling and smelling cleaner and fresher than ever before! I knew my next tenants would be thrilled to live somewhere that felt so nice. 

I am so thankful I was referred to them in my time of need. Now I am referring Safe Dry to you as well! Why wait for different methods to work, when their methods have been proven over and over again! Don’t waste your time and money trying old wives tales or expensive shampooing that isn’t as effective! Safe Dry will keep you clean four times longer!




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