Hello. My name is Brandon Daniels. I am the head librarian at the Houston Public Library in Houston, TX, 77002. We used to get our carpets cleaned every year, but for the last couple of years, budget cuts have prevented that from happening. 

We have many people who come into the library, including students toting Starbucks cups with sleepy eyes, moms with excited kids and sticky fingers in tow, and even older ladies in groups chatting about the book they want to read that week. I love all of it. It’s the life of the library. 

However, as a result, we had numerous stains about the area, and the city finally approved for us to have a cleaning performed. We contacted Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning Service. They have been in business for over 30 years, and we have used them repeatedly in the past, and had always been satisfied. 

We used the same technician every time before. But when we booked this time, we were made aware a new technician would be coming out this time. We were weary at first, but we were reassured that he was well trained and just as knowledgeable as our previous technician. We agreed and booked for the weekend. 

Willie came out and was immediately very respectful and professional. He told me that I would be completely satisfied with the cleaning or I wouldn’t be asked to pay. I accepted, and he set out measuring the area, being fair to not include the space taken up by the book shelves. 




He assessed all of the stains and traffic areas, and assured me it would be no problem to remove them. He recommended the deep cleaning package, explaining that it would do better at stain removal, and offered protectant in order to preserve the carpets integrity and keep it fresher, longer. Then he vacuumed, preparing the carpet for a full work over. 

The chemical solution used was nontoxic, making it safe for the kids who come through regularly. I had no worries as Willie set out to do his tasks. He was knowledgeable and understanding about all concerns we had. His buffer worked it’s magic, breaking up all the particles in the stains and working them to the top. 

It took a few hours, due to the size of the library, and I expected that. However I have no doubts Willie worked quickly and efficiently, utilizing his time and knowledge in the best ways possible. The carpet was fully dry in a little over an hour after completion of the service. Willie was fantastic, and was further proof that the methods of Safe Dry are fool-proof! Even though he was new to us, he certainly knew what he was doing, and was very skilled at his career.




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