Hello, my name is Maurya King! I live on Jarvis Bay Pass in Katy, TX, 77449. It’s in a smaller subdivision, which has quite a community feel to it. My family of 2 kids and my husband have always felt very at home.

Recently, my neighbor was moving out in order to be closer to her mother. She had a couple of small shag rugs that she offered to me while I was out walking with the kids. I graciously accepted, but I wasn’t aware of the condition they would be in when I received them.

The whole rug was covered in dirt, pet hair, and a slight urine smell. It appeared it had recently had a cleaning attempted, using bleach, but it was in vain. My neighbor told me that she had had the stains on the rugs for a couple of years, but was never able to successfully clean them herself. She told me that a friend had recommended a service called Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning if I wanted to give them a shot!

Additionally, she added, they would provide a free estimate. They would be able to tell me exactly how much it cost, at no charge to me! I figured there was no harm in that, and I called on my way home!



They were able to book me for later that afternoon. The person I spoke to was very helpful and knowledgeable, and assured me that the cleaning process would cause no damage to my hardwood flooring underneath! I was also told I would not have to vacuum them beforehand.

Chandler arrived a couple of minutes early, armed with his buffer and solution. I was surprised to see there were no long hoses coming out of his vehicle with him. He explained the process to me and how it differed from steam cleaning. Wiithout hesitation, he began the process!

He started by vacuuming the rug, bringing up all the extra dander and pet hair left behind. Then he used a cleaning solution that is hypoallergenic, and therefore not dangerous in any way to my kids! That was a major relief by the way!

An hour later, my rugs were a completely different color than they started! I realized they are actually very pretty and soft. I feel like I had made the right choice choosing Safe Dry. No harsh chemical smell afterwards either; Just freshness!

My rugs were dry less than an hour later. He also gave me tips to avoid future staining in order to keep them bright for as long as possible! The cleaning also lasts four times longer, so I have no doubts I got what I paid for and more!

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