Hi! My name is Stacey Torres! I have been a primary school science educator in Houston, Texas for the last 30 years. I love kids, and I try to make teaching fun. Over the years, my carpets have taken quite the beating from different science projects I’ve made or tried to show the kids. 

One stain in particular in my living room had been the result of a volcano experiment- gone-wrong that I had set off about 3 years ago. The staining was even bigger than my sitting chair! I tried steam cleaning, shampooing, and different old recipes my grandmother had recommended. It was all in vain, and over the years, I tried to ignore it. When I couldn’t, I would try again to remove it myself. Since I am on a teacher’s salary, I don’t usually have the money to pay for extra things. 

My colleague, another educator in my school, told me about a company she uses to clean the rugs in her classroom, as well as her home. She said they’re called Safe Dry, and she would never go back to common steam cleaning again! I thought about it, then called them after school let out for the day. 

The woman I spoke to was very caring and understanding, and provided me with a coupon to make the prices more affordable for me! She told me I would receive a message when my technician was on the way to my home. She understood I was an educator, and would require services on Saturday instead of the weekdays. She scheduled me for the next day, the first Saturday available. I was surprised I could get an appointment so quickly! 

The next morning around 11AM, Darren arrived a couple of minutes early, ready to work hard! He measured all of my stained areas, (about 3 rooms) and provided me with all the options I had for cleaning to be performed. He was very knowledgeable, and definitely knew his stuff! He applied the coupon to the amount for me, and still worked with me on the price! He reassured me that his solution would not harm any of my furniture left in the room, and told me that if he could not remove these stains, then nobody could.

I agreed, and he began. His solution was like magic! I watched in awe as my carpet stains all but melted away. I haven’t felt so comfortable in my home in years. When Darren was finished a little over an hour later, you couldn’t tell I had ever left a stain behind! 




Before leaving, he gave me his card and told me that if I ever needed any cleaning done, he would come and perform the cleaning for me and I would not have to worry about explaining my financial situation a second time. I have now called Darren twice more since then, and he has cleaned my classroom carpeting, as well as my residential tile flooring. He has never disappointed me.

So what are you still waiting for? They’re affordable, reliable, and understanding! They know that life happens, and things change. They are willing to work with you, and work FOR you!  You, like me, will be calling them again!



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