Hi, I’m Taylor and I work the front desk at Lucas Orthodontics located on Moores Lane in Brentwood, TN 37027. We have been in business over 40 years, and have repeatedly had cleaning services come and perform their services over the years. Cleanliness is safety in our line of work, and Mr. Lucas has always spared no expense for his patients’ safety. 

We used to use a steam cleaning service for our carpets, but the one we used went out of business. We weren’t sure who else to turn to. Mr. Lucas spoke to a friend, who recommended we try dry cleaning our carpets instead of steam cleaning. His friend told him that it lasted longer, smelled fresher, and made the carpets feel even softer. He told Mr. Lucas to call Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning, assuring us they would do it best. 

We called Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning to do our waiting area, a few of the offices, and all of the hallways. Things can get a little messy in an orthodontics office, especially when different creams and medications are used, and bodily fluids don’t always make it in the basin. 

When we called to schedule this cleaning, we were given a very reasonable rate and prompt booking date. The woman I talked to was great, she was kind and professional, and scheduled us for the weekend, when we would be closed. 




The tech who came out was also amazing! Eli was very professional and polite. He came in and greeted us with a smile. As I took him around and showed him the rooms we needed cleaned he took down notes of all the areas, measured sizes, and pointed out spots we had missed. He used his flashlight in order to identify some of the worse stains. He provided us with a fair estimate, and explained to us what his recommendation was in terms of cleaning packages, and why. 

He made it a point to help us make sure the carpets were thoroughly cleaned and that all the stains were removed. His solution used was also nontoxic and would bring no harm to patients, even patients who had skin allergies. He also recommended the use of sanitizer and an allergen treatment, to meet as many of the needs of our patients as possible. It took a couple of hours to complete the cleaning process, but our carpets were dry and brand new within an hour after he finished. 

We were very satisfied with his work, and professionalism both from the technician and the receptionist. Safe Dry is keeping this repeat customer, and I make sure to recommend them to anyone I know looking to have their carpet cleaned. Their customer service is unmatched! Don’t hesitate. They are here for you!



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