Hello, my name is Rachel Layton. I live on Mimi Rd in Clarksville, TN, 37040. I share one son and two dogs with my boyfriend, Jacob. We have a lot of high traffic areas in our home. Especially in my son’s room and the living room. I think the living room was the worst one! You could see the years of dirt tracks from my son and animals, work falling off of Jacob’s shoes at night, dinner in front of the TV together watching our favorite shows… It was full of life, but also full of stains and, admittedly, over time, odor.

Jacob’s boss told him about a carpet cleaning service he had used recently for his commercial businesses. He spoke highly of the work they had performed, and told Jacob he would never use anybody else. Well, Jacob called Safe Dry that day and booked an appointment to surprise me! He knows how much I love a clean home!

He booked the cleaning, with carpeting in almost every room of our 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom home. He came home and asked me to move our son’s toys and to move as much smaller furniture as I could. He then told me we had an appointment for the next day to get the cleaning performed, and I was ecstatic! I’d done my best, using Tide and Oxiclean, and vacuuming as best as I can to get all the dirt up, but I knew in my heart, I was going to be much happier now that Safe Dry was coming to the rescue!




Willie came bright and early, with a smile on his face! He was very personable and professional. I was surprised when he arrived and didn’t have those long, flimsy tubes coming out of the vehicle! He explained the process to me, and how his equipment was different from that of a standard steam cleaning. He explained that the cleaning would last longer, and actually remove the stains and odors entirely instead of pushing them deeper into the carpet padding.

He gave me the price, and I agreed to it. It was right about what I had expected. He began cleaning, stripping away all of our stains, odors, and foot traffic in only two hours. He asked if we were satisfied at the end, letting me know that if we were not satisfied, we were not obligated to pay. We were definitely satisfied! The carpet was dry in an hour, and my son and dogs were happily rolling across it together. Willie even gave me some tips on keeping my carpets cleaned for longer. We will now be using Safe Dry for all of our carpet, tile, hardwood, and upholstery needs. 

Do you want your home to feel brand new again? Call Safe Dry today and give yourself (or your girlfriend) the gift of comfort!

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