My name is Jennifer Moore. I live off of Ovaldale Drive, in Murfreesboro, TN, 37128. My grandmother is very special to me. I can remember long summer days spent at her home, with all my cousins and siblings, laughing and smiling. I also remember the day I lost her. I was twenty-three when she died. She made it clear that her home furnishings were to be given to each grandchild, so that all of us would have a piece of her home.

 I was given some very expensive rugs, oriental, turkish, and wool. They had been around for a long time, supporting our heads during sleep-overs. Due to all the years of usage, the rugs had acquired quite a bit of staining. Some were the size of a nickel, some the size of a fist; some were a decade old, some were within the last few months. It definitely needed cleaning, but I was afraid it would ruin them. So I tried all of my grandmother’s old cleaning recipes, including dawn and water. I also tried woolite, to no avail.

With nowhere else to turn, I felt defeated. I was talking to a lady at walmart about the best cleaning product to use, and she told me, “Don’t waste anymore of your time, call Safe Dry”. She gave me their number and I made the call. I was set up for my off day, Saturday that week. 

Richard was the technician who serviced my rugs. He was professional, punctual, and helpful in every aspect. He assured me that none of their cleaning solutions would damage the rug, and they also wouldn’t damage the surrounding flooring. He worked with me on a price, applying discounts to help me get the most out of my experience. He also added protectant, to ensure the quality of the carpets would last a lifetime! I could see my grandmother now, clasping her hands happily and nodding in agreement to everything he was telling me. He measured the rugs, and after assessing the staining, gave me a fair price below what I had expected!



He did not remove all the stains the first day, but he assured me that some of the older, tougher stains may require a second treatment. He worked at them for two hours, and he scheduled the second treatment for the next day, first thing in the morning. The result was there was not a single stain left! I would recommend Safe Dry to anybody! Richard knew exactly what he was talking about. He told me if he couldn’t get the stains out, nobody could! And I believe him. He removed stains that were likely over a decade old! Even the most stubborn of stains will be removed with Safe Dry on it! The rugs were fully dry within an hour, ready for more sleep-over memories. I was so relieved, I cried!

So don’t waste anymore of your time either! You won’t be disappointed; the only disappointment is knowing you didn’t call sooner!


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