My name is Jason Hollis. I live off of Petway Ave in Nashville, TN, 37206. At over 30 years old, I know what I like, and what I don’t. I know I can be ornery and stubborn at times, but I want to be as honest and fair as I can be in life. 

My buddies and I have inhabited this house for over 4 years now, making a lot of memories as we went along. We’ve laughed, cried, and bonded over the years, creating our own little family. Rob, one friend, got married a year ago. Next, my friend Michael was engaged and moving in with his fiancée. The house was starting to become more empty. 

Because of this, I was beginning to notice the traffic stains. For a group of bachelors, we were extremely good at keeping things clean and orderly. But coming in and out, over time, left behind dirt and debris that likely went deep into the carpet. 



I like things a certain way, like I said. And I like things clean, above all. Michael dropped by to visit, and I mentioned to him that I had considered hiring a steam cleaner to come clean the carpets. He told me that dry cleaning was a better way than steam cleaning, and that it lasted longer and was much more effective. I’d never heard of dry cleaning carpets before. He told me to give Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning a call, and they would be able to come out quickly and clean better than any steam cleaner could! 

Michael knows how I am, so he definitely knew whether they were up to the task. I called and booked an appointment for that weekend, when I would be off work. I told the woman who took my call that I was looking forward to a new experience! 

Chandler arrived early, and in good spirits. He had an awesome personality, and he was even able to make me laugh! I was immediately comfortable. He explained in length what his recommendation was and why he felt it was important. He didn’t try to upsell me with useless items and services I didn’t require. He was upfront and transparent, and respected the way I liked having things. 

He didn’t have all those crazy, winding hoses and a loud noise emitting from his vehicle either; he had his solution, his buffer, his vacuum, and his awesome skills. He prepared the rooms, including bedrooms and living area, by vacuuming, measuring, and using his UV light to seek out problem areas. Then, he got to work, taking his time, but not running too slowly. He was working thoroughly, using his knowledge to elevate results. He only took about an hour and a half to do it all, with my carpets fully dried an hour later. 

I would never use a different service, Safe Dry is the only one I trust! They made my carpets feel softer, fresher, newer… as if I had just moved in again. I know what I like, and I like Safe Dry!



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