Hi, my name is Joslyn Berry. I live on Roselawn Drive in Clarksville, TN, 37042. I am the sole caretaker of my elderly mother. My mother has always been my best friend, and when she fell ill, I knew that the only solution was for her to stay with me and my husband. She moved into our three bedroom home about 6 months ago, and naturally, things became a bit of a mess over time. Due to age and illness, my mother would often spill things, and sometimes would have “accidents” that would result in stains, and quite a bit of odor after a while. Some of the stains were barely noticeable individually, but there was one in particular near her bed that was very large, a result of a not-in-time late night bladder run.

I visit a caretaker support group once a week, to get a little support from others who have similar experiences. It’s pretty helpful in terms of support, advice, and resources to help us maintain our best care taking abilities. In the group, I was discussing how my mother’s “accidents” and messes were beginning to bother me, and how no amount of Oxy-clean or vinegar recipes had removed it. One of my group members told me about Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning. She told me they had flawlessly removed all stains that her care-ee had left behind.

I made a call that afternoon, and was booked for the very next day! They gave me all the info I needed about what to expect from the technician, how long to expect the cleaning to take, and reassured me that the solution was non-toxic and wouldn’t harm my mother.

When Willie arrived, I gave him a walk-through of the house and identified the most problematic areas, such as the larger stain in my mother’s room, as well as some larger stains that had been left in the living room from food and drinks. Willie assured me that it wouldn’t be any problem to clean at all. He was very professional, arriving on time and explaining in great detail what he was doing, and why, and gave me his recommendations. I added on an allergen treatment to help ease my mother’s allergies as well!

Willie had a fantastic customer service personality as well! My mother tends to nitpick when she is embarrassed in any way. He didn’t argue or even seem offended. He would make jokes to help ease my mother’s embarrassment. She began to laugh so hard I believe she forgot all about it! He was so kind and personable, taking into account our financial situation and adding as many discounts as he could to help us out.




He removed every stain, even the one by my mother’s bed. You’d never know it was ever there! And after only an hour and a half, my 3 bedroom, 2200 square foot home was cleaned in nearly every room! The carpet was dried an hour later, and it smelled so much better! It felt nice to walk across, as if we had just moved into our home for the first time again! I would recommend Safe Dry to anybody!


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