My name is James McMahan. I have a wife and two young boys, and we live on Sawmill Road in Spring, TX, 77380. When my oldest son was born, we bought a rug to put in his room. And then, there were two. Now they are ages 6 and 4, and of course the rug has gotten dirty over time. Sticky fingers, sippy cups and bottles, and little Graham cracker snacks were relentless. I love the rug, and the memories that have been made in the bedroom it resides in. 

I wanted it cleaned, but I wasn’t sure how best to do it. I used dawn and water, but it didn’t pull any of the staining out of it. Unfortunately, it almost seemed to push the stains deeper. I asked my wife to get online and look up rug cleaning businesses in our area. 

She found Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning in her results, and after looking at the raving reviews, we determined it was a good choice. My wife called to make the appointment, telling me that they seemed well informed and that their customer service was reassuring on its own! I was ready when the technician arrived the next day, prompt and punctual. 



When Chandler arrived, I instantly liked his personality and demeanor. He was super easy to work with, explaining clearly and in great detail what specific cleaning services he recommended and why. He was kind and understanding about all my questions and concerns. 

He explained that the rug cleaning itself would take place in the boys room. He assured me that the chemicals used were nontoxic and hypoallergenic, meaning they wouldn’t affect the boys in any way. Additionally, they were safe being used on hardwood floors, and would not cause any damage if it got even a drop of solution on it. 

He measured the size of the rug, noting that it was slightly bigger than my wife had predicted, but not by a significant difference. He explained how the price would differ, however, he was very fair and I feel he charged the perfect price. He then used his special UV flashlight to ensure he knew the extent of the staining. 

After that, he set out to accomplish his goal. We only had a couple of hours until the boys got home from school, but Chandler made sure that wouldn’t be an issue! He effectively used his buffer and solution, showcasing skill and knowledge of a professional. He was done in about an hour, and the rug was completely dry 30 minutes later. He also told me if for any reason I was not satisfied with the results, he would return in the next 7 days, at no extra charge to me! 


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