My name is Dr. Kyle Webb. I am a doctor that practices at an office on South Loop 336 West here in Conroe, TX 77304. As a doctor’s office, one can imagine that a lot of foot traffic comes through, from doctors and nurses, to patients with an array of illnesses. This can result in occasional stains, such as vomit, blood, water, and dirt from the foot traffic. It was beginning to have a lot of noticeable stains, some as big as a softball, as the carpet had not been properly cleaned in over a year. Sure, we had vacuumed, and one of our nurses had rented a steam cleaner for an offensive vomit spot; It was in vain, however.

Our anniversary for our 50th year in practice was coming up. One of my nurses approached me and asked if we could schedule a carpet cleaning appointment with Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning. She mentioned we could do it as a surprise for the owner of the clinic in celebration of the anniversary! That sounded like a fantastic idea to me! I assured her that I would handle things, and made the call when the clinic was closed.

I explained on the phone that we would need our waiting room, break room, and multiple offices done. The woman I spoke to reassured me that there would be no problem with that, and that she could book me for the next day, Saturday, during our closing hours. I booked the appointment right away, and began to stack our waiting room and break room chairs into their respective corner areas.
Chandler was the technician that arrived. He was very knowledgeable about the things he did. He explained in detail how the solution penetrates all odors and stains, and removes them through oxidation. Then, the buffer helps break down even more, lifting it all out of the carpet instead of pushing it down deeper! He measured the area and gave me a quote, which I found to be highly agreeable! He set to work immediately, only spending about two hours to do the whole thing!


Initially, I was unsure if any of the stains would come up due to the age of them. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find every stain came out, even the softball sized ones! He answered all of my questions, and never once made me feel as if he was annoyed, nervous, or uncomfortable in any way. Chandler definitely knew what he was doing. He even added on an allergen treatment and sanitizer, to make the flooring even more clean and safe for our patients!

I blinked, it seemed, and the carpet was dry already! I didn’t have to have any fears about patients potentially stepping onto wet flooring come Monday. And our boss? Well, it was certainly a success. He was so thrilled and surprised, and told us he felt like he was opening his clinic again for the first time! Chandler gave us his card and told us if we ever had any more questions or concerns, he would personally help us out!



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