My name is Angela Thompson, and I stay in the great city of Cypress, Texas, over off of Starfish Arbor Drive. My husband and I just got a new puppy, and we had an unexpected problem. When we moved into our home a couple of years ago, I never thought we’d end up with such a large amount of stains on our carpet, it was everywhere, in various sizes. One as big as my foot! We had just gotten a puppy from our local shelter for our daughter, after she had been asking us for a month. We finally jumped and got her a forever friend. But our poor puppy got sick after we switched his food to a healthier option. 

We immediately began looking for ways to clean it which only made it worse. We tried Dawn dish soap, Woolite, and we even rented a steam cleaner from the grocery store. In a desperate bid to get the stain removed I called my mother and asked what she would suggest. 

She said we should call Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning, and that they would do better than any other method I could find. She gave me the number, and we made the call. They booked us for the same day, which was super convenient! 

When Skylor came out we were immediately impressed. He showed up right on time, was very professional, and kind. He came in and started assessing the situation immediately. He started measuring the area, taking care not to include areas he couldn’t service due to heavy furniture. The requested area consisted of the hallway, living room, and two bedrooms. He vacuumed the floors carefully, and used his flashlight to indicate problem areas. 



To our surprise, the price he quoted was lower than what we even expected! We happily agreed to it. He got right to work, explaining how his solution would oxidize dirt and grime instead of pushing it down into the carpet padding with extra moisture. His buffer was used to help the solution break things up further, creating a clean that lasts four times longer! 

I was so amazed when he got the whole stain up, it was like magic! It only took about an hour and a half to clean, and one more to dry. Skylor worked super quickly and efficiently. He also gave me tips on how to prevent staining in the future! He gave me his card and told me some of the odor may still remain in more problem areas. If I was not completely satisfied with my service, he wanted me to call him, and he would be back out to service the carpets again at no extra charge to me! 

I did have to call for a second service, as some of the pet urine areas were worse than initially thought. However, after the second service, it was completely gone! And as he said, it was at no additional charge! You can’t beat a man who keeps his word!



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