My name is Dr. Joseph Crockarell. My mother, residing at Trotwood Down, Brentwood TN, was in great need of having her carpet cleaned. Now, my mother, at ninety years old, can be a little difficult to understand sometimes, but she is one of the sweetest, most wonderful women I’ve ever known. She has always been dedicated to helping others in their time of need, and I thought I would like to return the favor. I declared I would pay for her cleaning for her! All she had to do was set the appointment for a time she was available. She had berber carpeting in two bedrooms, a dining room, and living room. There were stains everywhere, from having lived in this home for so many years of our lives. There was love in these stains, though I couldn’t tell you exactly what had caused them any longer.

The woman who accepted my mother’s call was very sweet and knowledgeable. She explained to my mother how pricing was set up, and was very calm when my mother was struggling to speak and hear, elaborating and speaking slowly so she could hear better. She answered her concerns about chemical safety, and assured her that the carpets would be dried within an hour, so her friends could easily come over that night for dinner.. My mother recommended that I move some bigger furniture the day before, so they may access the carpeting easier. They set up the next available appointment. When the day came, they sent out Chandler.

Chandler was very gentle with my mother. He elaborated on pricing and services available, and began cleaning extremely quickly! I had my reservations about the stains; They had been there for years, I’m sure. My mother had tried more than once, many years ago, to remove them, with no result. Chandler was able to remove even the most stubborn stain, in just a touch over an hour! He used chemicals that were safe, even for my mother’s cat! He even vacuumed the carpet before starting, even though my mother had done it before him. He said he wanted to make sure my mother had the best possible experience, and amazing results. He carried through on it!




And if that’s not enough to convince you that Safe Dry is the way to go, they are helpful beyond their job description. My mother was afraid to ask him for help changing a lightbulb. Still, she knew she needed the help. Chandler changed the lightbulb for her without hesitation. The technicians are very understanding, and fair in pricing. They also are extremely effective in their cleaning process; If you don’t believe me, the pictures speak for themselves! Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning in Brentwood will be hearing from us again, both in our own homes, and in the homes of our loved ones.



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