Hi! My name is Synclair Mayekey I live off of Valley Springs Drive in Southaven, MS 38671. We are a family with three small children, one being a toddler. As anyone knows, when having children running around, day-to-day messes happen, especially if you have carpet. 

Having 3 little boys can get rowdy. When running around playing with each other, accidents happen: A drink gets spilled, snacks get crunched up onto the carpet, messy hands grabbing things, getting wiped on the ground, just life happening. 

For most of the messes, we tried to get it up with soap and water on a rag, sometimes the occasional baking soda or vinegar methods, and various things Grandma would recommend over Sunday dinner. Nothing worked, so we started looking for someone professional to help us with this carpet. 

Safe-Dry was the first company that came up in my search, and the reviews were so good I didn’t even look at anybody else. I called and scheduled a cleaning immediately. I was scheduled for the next day, during the middle of the day. 

Xavier was the technician who came out, and he was on time, professional, and very polite. He actually was very personable with the kids as well, not upset that they occasionally ran through as we talked. He even began making funny faces to make my toddler laugh when he began to cry on my hip. 



He took the time to walk me through what he was using and how it is safe for the kids to be around, since they use a non-toxic cleaner. He measured the requested area, which included the living room, dining room, hallway, and the boys’ bedroom. He assessed problem areas, such as the stain in the middle of the living room floor the size of a basketball! He provided me with a price that seemed fair, especially for the work he was doing! 

He also vacuumed before he started the cleaning, which I didn’t expect initially. His buffer was also much quieter than I had expected, since most other cleaners I had seen used those long hoses or loud generators. My boys certainly appreciated that! 

He performed a deep cleaning that removed all stains, and defied any odors that had begun to set in! After an hour, my carpets were officially brand new! I was told that after an hour, the boys would be able to run freely across the rooms. And he was right; I was able to let them loose only an hour later! 

Before leaving, Xavier made sure to give me his card, and let me know if I ever needed anything else, he would be the guy for the job! He also told me if for any reason I decided I wasn’t satisfied with my service, he would come back out to perform an additional service at no charge to me! He told me that he was here for my convenience, to meet my needs. 

I will definitely be telling all my friends about how great this company is. They cleaned my carpet and it didn’t break the bank, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to trying to scrub stains out by myself. However, Xavier gave me tips for preventing stains in the future, so maybe I’ll be able to combat the boys’ messes a little longer! 



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