Looking for a way to power through tough stains and unpleasant odors? It’s time to turn to enzymatic carpet cleaners. Find out how enzyme-based cleaning can help you power through pet smells and refresh your home without the use of harsh chemicals or scents that simply mask the odors. Restore your indoor air quality and enjoy long-lasting carpet with this powerful solution for your home.

Enzymatic Cleaners Explained

As the name implies, an enzymatic cleaner is a cleaner that uses an enzyme base. There are many different types of enzymes, but these cleaners typically rely on these three to power through messes:

  • Lipolases
  • Amylases
  • Proteases

Lipolases naturally break down oil-based stains and fats. Amylases are used to remove starch and carbohydrate issues. Proteases fight protein-based stains and messes. All of these combine to combat common issues that your carpet faces. Whether you’ve spilled a drink, dropped a plate or had a pet accident on your carpet, enzymes are powerful cleaning solutions.

These formulas work by taking advantage of natural processes found in your body. Enzymes in your body act as a catalyst on the macromolecular level. This means that they can encourage a chain reaction that transforms chemicals into something completely different. In your home, this means cutting out protein- and fat-based stains and odors and restoring your carpet.

Just like other cleaning solutions, there are a wide range of enzymatic options. It can be difficult to sort between brands and types, so many homeowners struggle to find the ideal enzyme-based DIY solution. If you’re not having luck or don’t wish to experiment on your carpet, learn more about the benefits of these cleaning options and how a professional team can help you thoroughly clean your carpet.

Benefits of Enzymatic Cleaners for Pet Owners

Cleaning up after your pet takes some serious work, particularly if you have carpet. While your cats, dogs and other animals may love the comfort of a carpet, any accident becomes difficult to clean. Don’t let urine, feces, drool and other contaminants create long-lasting odors and mold issues in your carpet, but turn to enzymatic cleaners for efficient cleaning.

An enzymatic cleaner not only cleans your carpet, but it thoroughly removes the odors of urine, feces and other accidents. Other cleaners only mask the scent with another, more powerful one. This process may not be as natural or improve your indoor air quality like an enzymatic cleaner.

Why worry about completely removing the odor? Dogs, rabbits, cats and other pets have a much more powerful sense of smell than humans. Even if you don’t smell anything in your carpet, an animal may still smell it. Because animals take habitual bathroom breaks, a single accident on your carpet could turn into a routine latrine. Avoid continual problems by eliminating any odors on a macromolecular level.

Common Messes for Enzymatic Cleaners

Enzymatic cleaners aren’t just for households with pets. These powerful cleaners work well with a wide range of messes and odors. Find out how to use enzyme-based carpet cleaning to clean these messes:

  • Food and drink spills
  • Blood
  • Feces
  • Urine
  • Vomit

Homeowners with infants and young children can also appreciate the thorough cleaning of an enzymatic solution. Used properly, this cleaner can provide excellent spot cleaning that reduces the need for a full carpet cleaning service every week or every day. Remove common spills, accidents and messes without resorting to a full-service steam cleaning.

Spot cleaning is an essential step to preventing permanent stains. Steam cleaning can remove many of these messes, but this service is only recommended once or twice a year. Use enzymatic cleaners for all of those in-between messes that can’t be left for months at a time or properly cleaned with a vacuum.

How To Use These Cleaners

There are a few different ways that you can use an enzymatic cleaner to remove stains and odors from your carpet. While you can try DIY cleaning, a professional can help you enjoy hassle-free cleaning throughout your home. First, try using a cleaner with a cleaning cloth. Pick up a microfiber cloth and spot, dab and blot at the stain after spraying an enzyme-based solution.

Another common use for enzymatic cleaners is a convenient door mat for pets. Spray an absorbent mat with cleaner to prevent dirty paws from making a mess on your carpet. This prevention strategy won’t remove stains already on your carpet, but it may reduce the amount that is added.

Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

It takes a professional to thoroughly clean your carpet. While you may be able to spot-clean a few areas with your own enzymatic cleaner, a professional carpet cleaning team offers the thorough inspection and professional-grade cleaning solutions you need. Work with a local team to enjoy these benefits.

Enzyme-based cleaners come in a wide range of types. The basic strategy is the same, but you’ll need to compare a wide range of enzymes, strengths and other features to find the right option for your carpet. Using the wrong cleaner may not damage your carpet, but it won’t provide the odor-cutting relief you need. A professional carpet cleaner understands the various options and can select the right one for your particular carpet and mess.

Professionals have the resources to provide whole carpet care. Enzymatic cleaners are great for pet stains, but they can’t lift all that trapped dirt and debris out of your carpet. Scheduling an expert cleaning team not only lifts odors and pet stains but also extends the lifetime of your carpet and can restore its vibrancy and soft feel.

Your local team has access to other all-natural cleaning solutions. You may be able to pick up an enzymatic cleaner and steam cleaner, but do you know what other chemicals may be in those DIY cleaning solutions? Work with a team that helps you avoid chemical buildup in your carpet with eco-friendly, all-natural ingredients.

Finally, hiring a professional means saving yourself time and stress. Don’t spend hours rubbing stains or searching for the right combination of enzymes in an effective cleaning solution. Spend your evenings and weekends enjoying time with your pets and family. Vacuuming is enough of a chore, so leave the dirty work to the professionals.

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